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Stunt and Tumble boasts a team of profoundly skilled and incredibly well-versed coaches ready to elevate your skills!

Join the ranks of champions and experience the ultimate cheer adventure! Our expert team offers a dynamic suite of options from private coaching to classes, innovative scholastic cheer programs, and the legendary TPA Bulls Competitive teams — all exclusively in Tampa's Traditional Cheerleading scene. With mastery in cheer techniques we guarantee to amp up your game. Ready to level up your skills? We've got the perfect program tailored just for you!

Tier 1 Staff - All Levels of Tumbling and Stunting.

Joe Mortensen

Owner / Team Coach / Accounting / Members

Unlock the spirit of victory with Coach Joe—your cheerleading guru since 2004! Revel in the expertise of a UCF Cheerleading legend who soared to the top with the 2007 UCA College National Champions. Celebrate his recent 2023 UCF Athletics Hall of Fame induction. With Coach Joe, who's also a maestro in High School math, tackling Geometry, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics, success is the only possible outcome! Joe's dynamic approach has revolutionized cheerleading programs in high schools throughout Tampa Bay. His strategic touch is no coincidence; Hillsborough County schools now boast titles as FHSAA State Champions and UCA National Champions, making history and setting standards!

Elsie Nilsson

Owner / Team Coach / Operations / TPA Director

Elsie brings unparalleled expertise across every tier of competitive cheerleading, spanning High School, Rec, Collegiate, and Allstar domains. Alumni of the University of North Florida and Bishop Moore Catholic High School cheer teams, she now reigns as the visionary Owner and Director of TPA Bulls Traditional Competitive Cheerleading Program. Flaunting a bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetic Sciences from Florida International University, Elsie channeled her passion into launching the TPA Bulls in 2019, with a dedicated mission to prime athletes for high school and collegiate cheer success. Under her leadership, the TPA Bulls have soared to claim the Quest National Champion title thrice.

Freddie Dixon

Manager / Team Coach / Camp Director

Since leaping into Stunt and Tumble's dynamic world in 2017, Freddie has been the go-to mentor to compel athletes to conquer milestones, from fundamental cartwheels to spectacular twisting feats. Not only does he spearhead our high school talent cultivation programs, but he also offers personalized training sessions and leads group classes with zeal. Tackling the traditional cheer battlegrounds, Freddie’s prowess shines as he coaches our TPA Bulls squads to competitive glory. Flaunting dual State Champion titles as a Strawberry Crest high school athlete and basking in the triumph as a 2024 UCA National Champion coach with the same, Freddie's legacy is crowned with the Quest National Champion title with our very own TPA BULLS.

Tier 2 Staff - All Levels of Tumbling and Stunting.

Bella Guerra

Instructor / Team Coach / Social Media

Unleash your cheer potential with the unstoppable Coach Bella! Infusing our programs with her fiery determination and zest, she leads our TPA BULLS' social media and mentors our youth squads, igniting their passion for cheerleading. Reigning as the 2024 UCA College National Champion for USF in gameday and traditional divisions, Bella's quest for perfection and her radiant confidence spark a dynamic and welcoming vibe across all our programs.

Sophia Crow

Instructor / Team Coach

Meet Sophia, the powerhouse behind our thriving TPA BULLS youth initiative since 2022. She seamlessly weaves her perfectionism into the fabric of our aspiring athletes' training. Known as 'CROW' in the gym, she's not just a former UCA National and State Champion with Strawberry Crest High School – Sophia's also a reigning 2024 UCA Collegiate National Champion, clinching titles with USF in both the game day and traditional divisions. She's the heart of excellence in our team!

Brooke Penkal

Instructor / Social Media

Unlock your cheer potential with Brooke, an elite former USF Coed Cheerleader and two-time UCA Collegiate National Champion! Dive deep into cheerleading with Brooke's vast expertise, guiding our High School Development program, and mastering the art of tumbling through her dynamic classes and personalized lessons. Stay in the loop on our jaw-dropping stunts and tumbling triumphs as Brooke spearheads our Stunt and Tumble social media, celebrating our athletes' soaring victories!

Tier 3 Staff - Beginner to Backhandsprings Tumbling, All Levels Stunting

Alo Gil-Ramos

Instructor / Team Coach

Since 2019, Alo has been the dynamic force behind Stunt and Tumble, fostering our scholastic team development and spearheading the charismatic TPA Bulls cheerleading squad. More than a coach, Alo is Stunt and Tumble incarnate—a seasoned athlete turned mentor. A Strawberry Crest High School alumnus, she's not just a National Champion with a UCA High School Nationals title in her 2020 win, but also a two-time Florida State High School champion who brings victory to life.

Regan Williams

Instructor / Team Coach

Meet Regan, the epitome of Stunt and Tumble prowess and TPA BULLS cheer success. From her humble beginnings in our middle school programs, she's vaulted to the top as a tenacious athlete and inspiring coach. As a 2024 UCA Collegiate National Champion, she clinches victories for USF in both gameday and traditional divisions with unsurpassed vigor. Regan embodies the spirit of cheer with her infectious enthusiasm, instilling indomitable resilience and a robust work ethic in every TPA Team member and budding scholar.

Melanie Kral


Melanie embodies the heart of a Stumbler – her dynamism springs from an extensive repertoire in tumbling and stunting, nurtured through rec, allstar, and school cheer. As a USF Cheerleader, she's twice seized the UCA National Champion title for Game Day and also reigns as a National Champion in the Traditional division. Endearing yet formidable, Melanie is your ultimate athletic force, primed to escalate your prowess to unparalleled heights.

Kate Shapiro


Meet Kate—the epitome of passion and prowess in the cheerleading arena. Not only does she embody sheer determination, but she's also a two-time UCA National Champion in Gameday and a crowned victor in the Traditional Division with USF. With her profound expertise stretching across every facet of cheer—from stunts to tumbling—Kate's mastery of the sport's heritage is unmatched. Poised to elevate your skills, she's the mentor you've been searching for.

Mia Ehrhart

Instructor / Team Coach

Mia shines as a beacon of commitment and enthusiasm in our TPA BULLS family. She dedicates her talent to guiding our youth squads, offering superb classes, and crafting transformative lessons, all aimed at propelling young athletes toward their dreams and unlocking their true potential. A 2-time Quest National Champion within our ranks, Mia harbors dreams of collegiate cheerleading glory post-graduation. Her remarkable patience and keen sense of victory infuse invaluable expertise into every aspect of our coaching cadre.

Danielle Roberson

Instructor / Team Coach

Danielle, a rising star in coaching, brings her fresh expertise to our TPA Bulls program. Since boosting the TPA Bulls' spirit in 2022 as an integral team motivator, she's soared to achieve the 2024 UCA High School National Champion and 2 time FHSAA State Championship titles with Strawberry Crest High School. We're thrilled to infuse our team with her vibrant, magnetic charm, and boundless energy!

Additional TPA Coaching Staff

Nikki Hand

Team Coach

Meet Nikki, Durant High School's legendary cheerleading coach who led her team to Florida State glory in 2024. Her mastery in crafting exquisite UCA routines, complete with flawless formations and seamless transitions, sets her apart. Nikki's passion for perfection and unwavering commitment to excellence will elevate our TPA BULLS to new heights!

Emily Kirk

Team Coach

Emily's unyielding passion amplifies the spirit of cheerleading! Selected to represent the United States at London's New Year's Day parade as a UCA All American, Emily discovered her passion for igniting the spirit of the crowd and nurturing future cheer champions. Her dynamic presence and dedication to mentorship drive athletes to master their skills.

Jaycee Campoamor

Team Coach

Jaycee boasts a storied coaching career in Tampa Bay. Currently guiding the Bloomingdale High School Bulls, she's also joined the TPA BULL coaching squad. Her coaching philosophy? Impeccable precision and infectious zest, all wrapped up in a winner's attitude. Jaycee is set to ignite a fiery passion in our young athletes, shaping the future of our youth programs for generations ahead.

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