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Frequently Asked Questions

I am new here, where should I start?

We suggest starting with a private lesson with one of our instructors. This is a great starting point and during that first session, we can help guide you and your athlete towards other classes / lessons / or programs to help achieve their goals.

-Click Training at the top of the site

-Purchase a Tier 1, 2, or 3 Private Lesson or Package of Lessons

-Go to the calendar and select a private lesson to reserve using the purchase

-Select Reserve and you will receive a confirmation email that your lesson has been booked

-Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early to stretch out and check in

-Your instructor may be finishing a lesson or class when you arrive and someone will greet you when they have a moment.

*We do not have a receptionist as our staff are all instructional personnel, so be patient if you have not been greeted right away.

Is there an APP that can be used for registration?

Yes, once you have registered for a program through the website, you will have a login and password that is unique to your family. If you go to the APP store on your iPhone or android, you can download the Stunt and Tumble app to schedule future lessons and classes.

Once you download the app, your login will be your email and password that you created.

The app is used for purchasing memberships to our different programs. For a complete list of programs or classes, check out full website regularly.

How do I know which instructor to sign up for?

Tier 1 Instructors are available for all level tumbling instruction.

Tier 2 Instructors are available for beginner up to tucks.

Tier 3 Instructors are available for beginner up to back handsprings.

I want to learn how to stunt, how do I sign up?

COED STUNTING LESSONS are only allowed for members who have permission to register. To obtain permission you should register for a private lesson with a tier 1 staff member. The staff member will do a tumbling session with you, discuss stunting options, and go through some basic stunting progressions to see how we are able to assist you.

*COED stunting requires a lot of trust between base and flyer, which we like to get to know the athlete prior to giving permission.

ALLGIRL STUNTING is available in private lessons but you must provide a full group for instruction. Most of our staff can either base or backspot if you need 1 more person to create the group.

We have ALLGIRL flyer stunting classes for flyers looking to gain new skills. Athletes will work with some of our staff members who are collegiate bases/backspots.

From January - June we have our Scholastic Development classes which focuses on stunting progressions for school cheerleading. This is a great class for athletes interested in working on stunts while preparing for tryouts.

When I arrive for my lesson, what should I do?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.

-We ask that athletes follow the rules of: Hair Up | No Jewelry | No Gum

-Hang all personal belongings including cell phones on hooks or phone storage area

-Place water on counter

-A staff member will direct you to an area where you can stretch out and begin warming up.

-Parents are asked to wait outside at the tables as we do not have adequate space for you to wait inside the facility.

What is the TPA Bulls Competitive Cheerleading Program and how is it different from Allstars?

The TPA Bulls follow the Scholastic cheerleading format with a Music - Cheer - Music routine. The difference between Allstars and Scholastic style is that the scholastic model promotes High School / Collegiate style cheerleading. Our teams follow the same rules and progressions as a high school team would and ultimately our Nationals level teams compete at UCA High School Nationals. Our teams also follow an age grid that promotes a 4 year age gap just like if they were on a high school team.

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Is there an age cut off for instruction or for the TPA Bulls Program?

For instructional classes or lessons, athletes ages 4-18 can be registered to participate.

The TPA Bulls Competitive program has ages ranging from 5-18. Ages are determined as of January 1st of the current year. Athletes must be 5 or older prior to January 1st.

Collegiate athletes can register for private lessons only and are not eligible for group classes.

I am not a cheerleader, can I still learn to tumble?

YES. We offer tumbling and training sessions to any athlete wanting to learn new acrobatic skills. We have dancers, gymnasts, martial artists, and many other athletes come in to train.

Are all of your staff background checked / safety certified?

All of our staff are USA Cheer Safety Certified and Background checked every year. If you would like to verify their status please go to the following website:

USA Cheer Member List - Passed


USA Cheer Nationally Banned List -


If you have a concern whether or not a coach you have worked with is on a list, please check this site. Check all reports as not all coaches are listed under a specific membership. The title below is a list of people who have been involved in cheer but do not have an association with a coaches membership. They have a red-flag of some sort which prevents them from working in a gym around kids.


We promote a safe environment for athletes to learn and for parents to feel confident that who they are working with are coaches that are well respected in the community. Our coaches are USA Safety and Risk Management Certified as well as CPR First/Aide trained.

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