Perfection Before Progression

Our Goal Is Helping You Acheive Yours

Our goal at Stunt and Tumble is to provide every athlete with a healthy, positive, and friendly environment for personal growth in cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics. With experienced staff, we pride ourselves in granting every athlete an equal opportunity to achieve new goals through proper progressions and training. We want our athletes that train with us to not only become better athletes, but better teammates, adolescents and young adults.

Meet The Owners

Joe Mortensen
Joe Mortensen Owner

Joe has been a part of the cheerleading industry since 2001 where he began as an All-star Cheerleader. After High School he entered college where he cheered for the University of South Florida, then Transferred to the University of Central Florida.

Elsie Nilsson
Elsie Nilsson Owner

Elsie has been involved in all aspects of cheerleading for about 20 years. She has an outstanding knowledge of gameday, Allstar, and collegiate cheerleading. Elsie is a Former University of North Florida Cheerleader and Bishop Moore Catholic High School Cheerleader.


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