We offer tumbling classes and lessons to suit the needs of cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts looking to enhance their skills. Our classes are broken down by skill qualifications to help address a smaller range of skills within each class. We also limit the tumbling class sizes to 8 participants to allow for more individualized attention. Our classes are designed to help athletes of all ages from 4 to 18 years old.

Private tumbling lessons will be 1 on 1 sessions or can be shared with a friend / sibling. The lessons will be focused on the individual’s current skill set and pushing to learn new skills. We pride ourselves on promoting proper progressions, proper technique, and skill conditioning to enhance the overall functionality of the learned skill.



Looking to tryout as a co-ed cheerleader in college or high school and would like work on your technique and accomplish new goals? We have co-ed stunting classes. High School aged Boys and Girls are welcome. Girls must be a flyer.

Private co-ed stunting lessons are available for flyers of all ages looking to add to their skillset. Boys looking to co-ed stunt will need to bring a flyer with them. If you would like an all-girl style stunting lesson you will need to have at least 1 flyer and two bases to sign up.


Flexibility and Jumps

Cheerleading, Dance, and Gymnastics requires athletes to not only be strong, but they must have flexibility to a certain degree. Flyers for instance will need to perform specific body positions while stunting and all cheerleaders must have flexibility to enhance not only their tumbling but also their jumps. Our Flexibility and jumps program helps with both of those aspects. We offer classes and private lessons.


Tampa Bulls Cheer

For more information on our TPA Bulls 2021-2022 Competition Season follow the link below or scan the QR code above.

The TPA Bulls is a competitive cheerleading program that follows the traditional guidelines for competitions. We have teams for ages 7-18 (as of August 31st of each season), who are passionate about the sport of cheerleading. Our program will bring together cheerleaders to help instill that tradition of cheerleading for their high schools in the future. Our teams compete at various competitions throughout the year and if they qualify, may compete at the NHSCC – UCA High School Nationals in February or the Quest National Championships in MarchWe are proud to offer an option for cheerleaders who would like to eventually pursue a place on their high school / collegiate cheerleading team in the future. Each team has limited space and athletes will be selected based on the need of each individual team as well as other factors like age, position in stunting, focus, determination, and ability. For more information please check out the Band App using the link above.


  • Please arrive 15 minutes early prior to classes and lessons in order to stretch out and be prepared for the instruction to start.
  • Can be made up to 7 days in advance
  • Can be canceled 48 hours in advance
  • Must be made online
  • No refunds or exchanges, we are a small business and if we have last minute cancellations it becomes difficult for us to fill that spot on short notice. We still love you and hope you understand.

Perfection Before Progression

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